Septic System Supply, Installation and Maintenance

A septic tank is an essential part of disposing sewerage waste when a property has no connection to a mainstream sewerage pipe. This on-site waste facility is ideal for temporary worksites, abattoirs and mines. Once waste is collected in the tank, a natural process of growing bacteria decomposes the waste, which is discharged into the tank. However, this process does not always decompose waste entirely and if your septic tank is not cleaned on a regular basis, it may overflow and wreak havoc, causing a ghastly smell and an even bigger mess to clean.

At BPSWA, we specialise in septic tank cleaning and pump out services for any liquid wastes be it commercial or residential.  Septic tank emptying is a job that should only be undertaken by professionals. We have an expert team with many years of experience and skilled knowledge within the industry who are able to handle your tank cleaning efficiently and timeously. We take pride in working cleanly and safely, ensuring you never have to get your hands dirty. Leave it to the experts; we’ll take care of your dirty work and dispose of it in the correct way.

If you require a septic system, the waste experts at BPSWA can supply and install a tank that best suits your requirements. Having been in the industry for decades, we offer informed advice about which tank would be best for your specific application. As a result of our excellent products, service and work ethic, we have managed to expand our portfolio and are contracted to the Water Corporation and other large organisations.

The tanks we supply are manufactured using high quality materials. You can rest assured that all products we provide are durable and fulfil its intended purpose to the highest standard. We supply both underground and aboveground tanks of various types and sizes, for large or small sites.

The installation process is intricate and requires the skills and expertise of a seasoned professional. Septic system installation takes the following factors into account:

  • Ground foundation
  • Assembling
  • Backfilling
  • Connection
  • Activation

To prevent unnecessary turmoil, trust BPSWA as the recommended choice for septic tank system administration, and to supply and install your septic tank. With the correct product, installation method and regular servicing, we ensure that your septic tank will operate efficiently for years to come.

For detailed information about the supply and installation of septic tanks, contact the experts at BPS. We will arrange a consultation for an assessor to evaluate your site, and propose an intended location of the tank, the type of tank, as well as the cost and timeline involved in the process. Our team works efficiently and promptly to meet your project requirements on time and within your specified budget.

Contact the team at BPS WA for all your septic tank requirements